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All about walking for weight loss

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For the first time in our history of the sanatorium "Periwinkle", a program was held for overweight people.

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Lack of energy, exposure to frequent colds indicate problems with the immune system. The treatment of any disease is not complete without strengthening the immune system.

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The extra pounds left, excellent health, a straight back, full-fledged sleep, normalized blood pressure indicate that everyone worked hard and worked hard to get a good result.

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Let everyone around you smile on this March day, let everyone look at you with delight and whatever the weather is outside, let your heart be light and clear from the attention and love of friends, family and loved ones.

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After learning about the program, many were happy to say, "I live happily ever after!"

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It was a good group that worked hard to achieve their goals .....

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We are grateful to the 171 guests for the wonderful time we were able to spend with you.

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Finally, we have completed the site upgrade. We hope you will now be able to receive the necessary information about the BARVINOK wellness center faster and easier.

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