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Massage, sauna, sharko
and other procedures
Daily walks and
trekking (10 km.)
Tasty and
Healthy Food
Daily Exercise
Exercise and Exercise
Various seminars and
master classes
Polite staff
and service
Available and
comfortable rooms
Big lake and
coniferous forest
Fenced, guarded
territory> 4000 sq.m.
Delivery and delivery
from/to New Razdol city
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We invite you to an 10-days wellness program, which includes:
Consultation of a physician

After talking with your doctor, you will learn how to spend time, what to use, what to refrain from, so that your stay with us will bring you healing.

Therapeutic infusions and teas

Every day you can drink healing infusions and teas of more than 30 different types to strengthen your immunity, cleanse and raise the general tone of your body.


Finnish bathhouse with hot dry air in the steam room and cold pool works for you. A positive result after the first visit.

Daily massage

Massage will bring you pleasant feelings and relieve stress, because rubbing, pressure, vibration positively affect the nervous system of the body as a whole.

Charcot and circular shower

Our healing souls restore emotional and psychological balance, eliminate inflammatory processes and increase efficiency.

Hydro procedures

Healing baths, contrast baths for hands, feet and face train blood vessels, normalize blood pressure, relieve nerve stress and stress.

Facial cosmetology

Different masks and facial massages will help you improve skin condition, increase skin firmness and elasticity, and contribute to cell regeneration and rejuvenation.

Evminov's board and gymnastics

Help your back because a combination of dosed unloading of the spine and simultaneous training of deep muscles starts the process of self-healing of the back.

Exercises, Walking, Camping

Visiting daily exercises and walks, you will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and go with us on a mountain trip 10 kilometers long.

Health food

With us you will learn the right nutrition, which will improve the gastrointestinal tract, help you lose weight and keep your weight normal.

Trampoline for adults and children

Doctors say that trampolining is very useful. During jumps, the hormone of happiness is released, which charges the body with strength and energy.

Seminars and workshops

Having prepared your body with daily exercises and walks, you will be able to overcome one of the 10 km long New Razdol mountain ranges with us.

    Improving effect of the program:
  • Improving the digestive system
  • Improving the immune system
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Weight loss
  • Improving well-being and mood
  • Normalization of appetite
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improvement of the CVD system
  • Increased physical stamina
    The program is recommended when:
  • — Increased appetite
  • — Overweight
  • — Switching to a Healthy Way of Eating
  • — Allergic diseases
  • — Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • — Frequent headaches
  • — Frequent constipation
  • — CVD (hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, ...)
  • — ORA (arthritis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, ...)
  • — Gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcer, colitis, ...)
  • — DS (bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis, ...)
  • — EC (diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity, ...)
  • — ICS (cancer, rheumatism, ARI, flu, ...)
  • — NA (depression, psycho-emotional stress, ...)
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Relax in the wild
Health Center "Barvinok"
The recreation center "Periwinkle" is a territory where you can forget about the outside world and completely devote time to your family and friends. Spend your vacation as you are used to or experience completely new experiences, arrange an unforgettable, wellness holiday for yourself and your family!

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Small and comfortable rooms. It offers beautiful views of the surrounding forest and surrounding area. The rooms are fully equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Even in the most severe frost you will be pleasant and comfortable, and in the summer - cool and fresh. Comfort and high-quality drinking water in each room.

We have comfortable individual rooms with all the necessary amenities.
View photo of rooms


Comfortable individual double rooms with all necessary amenities.
View photo of rooms


Comfortable аamily rooms for parents and children with all necessary amenities.
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Healthy food
Continue to live a healthy life at home! Visiting the exhibition of healthy nutrition products you will be able to purchase seeds, oils, herbs and other products of a healthy lifestyle in order to continue to live a healthier, more active, joyful and happy life.
Wellness books
During a vacation in our sanatorium "Periwinkle" you can read very interesting books about a healthy lifestyle, about a family, about relationships with people, about values and goals, and books on spiritual topics. Also, if you wish, you can purchase them yourself so that you can continue to improve the quality of life at home.

We sincerely thank 230 visitors, for the nice reviews, for the positive emotions, and for the gifts, the part of you that you left us!

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Recently, an interesting event took place in the picturesque health and recreation center Barvinok, located in the Lviv region, Novy Razdol.

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  • Spring is waiting for you! We invite you to visit us from March 13-23, 2023.

    We offer you an unforgettable rest, recovery of body and soul, recovery of physical strength, improvement of well-being, improvement of immunity, 10 days of a Healthy way of life!

    Arrival schedule: 1-11.03.21; 15-25.03.21; 29.03-08.04.21

    Registration by phone numbers:
    093 148 15 14; 097 389 81 81; 050 88 66 166
  • Wellness arrival !!!

    We invite everyone to come

    from 13-23.03.2023

    Registration by phone number:
    050-88-66-166; 097-38-98-181; 093-14-81-514
  • A program for those who want to lose weight "Walking is easy"


    doctor - Cherevichna VP

    - interesting lectures
    - healthy food
    - wellness procedures

    Registration by phone number:
    050 88 66 166; 097 38 98 181; 093 14 81 514
  • 8 healthy lifestyle principles

    The Barvinok Wellness and Recreation Center invites you to visit wellness resorts where you can try all these health principles in practice.

    +38 (050) 886-61-66
We are waiting for you!
  • Lviv region
  • New Razdol city
  • Street I. Vovchuka 20