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Books for recovery
The list of books that are in our wellness center
"Harmony Recipes"


Agatha Thresh, Calvin Thresh

"Do you want to be healthy?" John. 5: 6


Calarence Dale, Charles Thomas

"Goodbye Cigarette"

Emil Radulescu

"Scandinavian Walking"

Gavryuk Sergey

"Your saving health"

Helen White

"The Benefits of Vegetarianism"

Don Hall

"How to manage diabetes"

Rosalia Coffen

"Not too much about extra pounds"

Emil Radulescu

"5 minutes for health"

Edith Uberhuber

"Lifestyle Diseases"

Jochen Havlicek

"Defeating Addiction, or How to Solve a Root Problem"

Leonid Rutkovsky

"You should know ..."

Leonard Azamphirei

"Herbs for Your Health"

Winston George Craig

" 24 Faithful Ways to Improve Your Health"

Tim Arnott

"A Healthy Lifestyle Bible Plan for Kids"

Joyce W. Hopp, Christina Nish

"Saving and restoring vision"

Gavryuk Sergey

"Life as a Holiday"

"Drugs From God's Pharmacy To Children"

Jan Schulz, Edita Uberguber

"Recipes of Our Home" 2nd issue

"Drugs from God's Pharmacy"

Jan Schulz, Edita Uberguber

"Wineglass Supplements"

Emil Radulescu


Emil Radulescu

"Food and your future"

Winston George Craig

"Easier to prevent disease"

Hans Dale, Eileen Ladington

"Healthy Food Service"

Helen White

"Secrets of health and longevity"

Alexei Khatsynsky

"The basics of healthy eating"

Helen White