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A program for those who want to lose weight "Walking is easy"

Thanks to the data obtained, the program participants were able to significantly expand and enrich their ideas in the field of preventive medicine, nutrition, general hygiene, psychology, as well as redefine the importance of such moral categories as responsibility for their lives and choosing their future. After getting acquainted with the program, many were able to say with satisfaction: “Now I feel completely different! I started to manage my life! Appetite no longer dominates me! "

Many of you may have read the famous play "Pygmalion" by Bernard Shaw. Later, the film "My Fair Lady" was shot based on this play. Anyway, I think most of those present are familiar with the story of Professor Henry Higgins, who once made a bet that he could teach a simple London flower girl to speak English correctly and beautifully. After a certain time, wanting to check how his efforts were crowned with success, Professor Higgins buys Eliza a beautiful outfit, takes with him to a social reception, presenting her there as a noble lady from high society. The result exceeds all expectations. None of the guests who were at the reception found a trick, since not a trace remained of Eliza's former vernacular dialect, and she herself discovered that thanks to the efforts of her teacher, she had become a true lady. From that moment on, her self-perception has completely changed, and she begins to talk and behave like a lady.

There are many examples when a qualitative and deep change is preceded by a certain ceremony that helps to realize the reality of change. Therefore, a graduation ceremony was held for all participants in the program, consolidating the reality of the changes that have taken place in their lives. They all worked hard to achieve them, stubbornly refrained from excess calories during our course, left the bad habit of eating fatty and high-calorie foods. The diploma symbolizes their choice in favor of a new lifestyle, where there is no place for old habits and snacks, and will help to better understand this significant fact in their life.


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