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How to strengthen immunity!

Lack of energy, exposure to frequent colds indicate problems with the immune system. The treatment of any disease is not complete without strengthening the immune system. At the same time, weak immunity can act as a consequence and the root cause of a particular disease. But timely support for a weakened body often automatically eliminates many potential diseases. What harms the immunity of an adult? All those who consider their immunity to be some kind of indestructible defense make a big mistake. But in fact, the immune system, even of a relatively healthy person, is a rather vulnerable element, which directly depends on a whole host of both external and internal factors. The natural protective barrier of the body is destroyed by chronic and oncological diseases, genetic abnormalities of the immune system, circulatory pathologies and the frequent use of antibiotics. But, to inflict a crushing blow to the immune system, it is not necessary to suffer from such health problems.

Enough for this:

• work in hazardous industries;

• eat erratically over time;

• regularly experience stress and lack of sleep;

• smoke, drink alcohol and drugs;

• Stay or live in areas with poor ecology for a long time.

Even the usual change of season, parasites in the intestines and a depressed state often significantly reduce immunity.

Symptoms of Weakened Immunity

Immunity problems are usually easy to guess. Characteristic signs are always obvious, and are reflected not only in appearance, but also signal a problem at the level of internal sensations:

• there is a constant feeling of fatigue and increased drowsiness;

• you often and for a long time suffer from colds;

• rashes and peeling appear on the skin, pustules do not last long;

• lymph nodes increased;

• brittle nails and hair;

• there are mood swings from complete apathy to a nervous breakdown.

If you have at least one of the symptoms from this list, it is time to pay much more attention to your immune system.

How to increase immunity

Raising immunity is not difficult if you deal with the solution of this problem seriously and for a long time. Initially, you will have to reconsider the lifestyle and eliminate the root cause that causes the problems.

To do this, you may need:

to refuse from bad habits;

• to deal with the treatment of chronic diseases;

• maximally replace eating habits with a healthy diet;

• work exclusively during the day, and rest at night;

• start moderate and gradual hardening;

• regular exercise in the fresh air;

• drink enough water per day;

The tips are extremely simple, but, unfortunately, many arrogantly ignore them, although they continue to look for options on how to increase immunity in an adult. The main reason for all the excuses is lack of time, or the wrong moment, or don’t know where to start ....

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