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Good team 172 check-in

And another race was left behind.

This time our guests were representatives from the following cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kalush, Lviv, Ternopil, Kovel, Lutsk, Dnipro, Slavuta, Volyn region, Lviv region, as well as representatives of Belarus and Germany.

The arrival was marked by the fact that all the events that took place during the 10 days were very welcomed, the participants openly shared the secrets and skills of a healthy lifestyle. It was a good group that worked hard to achieve their goals. Always fun, punctual, organized, talented participants create a truly homey atmosphere.

The Barvinok Wellness Centre team thank you very much for your open hearts, for your smiles, for your feedback. We wish you good health, personal happiness, inexhaustible energy and strength in all your good deeds. May peace and harmony reign in your home, kindness in heart, and wisdom and prudence in deeds.

Until We Meet Again!

With love the resort "Barvinok"!

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