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" live happily"

From 27.01 to 06.02, a specialized check-in took place at the Barvinok Health and Leisure Center - prevention of depression in the program “Live happily”

The participants in the programs were 38 people from different places of Ukraine, as well as representatives of Belarus and Germany.

 “Live joyfully!” Is a program that helps a person learn to live in harmony with himself and with others, change his inner world and improve his lifestyle. It is based on the results of scientific research by many scientists and specialists, carefully designed and easy to carry out. Thanks to the knowledge gained, program participants were able to significantly expand and enrich their ideas about stress, depression, forgiveness, and spiritual growth. By practicing healthy habits and changing their lifestyle towards the prevention of mental illness, they were also able to reconsider the importance of such moral categories as responsibility for their lives and choosing their future. After getting to know the program, many were able to say with satisfaction: “Now I feel completely different! I started to manage my life! Despondency, depression and disappointment no longer own me! ”

“I live joyfully!”

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