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The first spring race № 174

That's how fast the winter season flew by, and we, together with 174 arrivals, met the long-awaited spring. Spring is a time of new hopes, awakening of nature, warmth and bright colors. And though winter has not yet receded, still very soon the clear and sunny days will please us and recharge in a good mood. flowers and endless love! Let luck and health visit your home and stay in it forever. May the first days of spring bring cheerfulness and a positive charge to the future. Hurry to congratulate your loved ones and also give them a pleasant mood and your love.

In the first during the existence of the sanatorium, more than half of our guests at 174 arrivals were guests from Volyn region, as well as several representatives from Lviv, Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian, Rivne, Kyiv and Chernivtsi. Although the weather did not please us during the warm dry days, the team worked hard to achieve their goals. The extra pounds left, excellent health, a straight back, full-fledged sleep, normalized blood pressure indicate that everyone worked hard and worked hard to get a good result.

Therefore, we wish you to continue to make every effort to consolidate the result as well as to achieve new ones. Your patience, patience, willpower, restraint, cheerfulness and we believe in you all will work out !!!!

Until We Meet Again!!!!

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